Social Activities for the elderly

Why is Socialising Important for Elderly Health & Wellbeing? 

According to Age UK, social participation and support are strongly connected to good health and well-being throughout our lives. 

For older people and those with health and support needs, engaging in a variety of activities helps them build self-respect, maintain their self-esteem and establish meaningful relationships with other people. 

However, older people can face barriers to accessing activities. They may need support with their mobility or help with personal care. Older people often don’t have the skills or access to social media and online services. A lack of accessible transport options is also a huge factor. 

Our Adventure Companions know that supporting people to attend activities or local community events has a wide range of benefits. That’s why we offer transport and the healthcare & support needed to attend activities. 

Our companions can assist people in finding events and activities they would enjoy. Being able to take part in community activities and events has a wide range of health and well-being benefits. From reducing loneliness to improving cardiovascular health, explore the 5 reasons why social activity is crucial for a fulfilling and healthy life.  

Five Reasons Why Being Social is Good For You! 

1. Social Connection: Making freinds and social connections gives you a sense of belonging and this reduces any feelings of loneliness you may have.  Attending activities helps you build a friendship group where you can share your experiences and stories with other people. This provides you with a support network which helps you maintain good physical and emotional wellbeing. Building friendships gives you a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

2. Emotional Well-being: Socialising provides you with emotional support, and creates opportunities to laugh and have fun with other people. Having a really good chat with others gives you a sense of purpose which gives you a much more positive outlook on life. Activities are often a positive and uplifting experience especially when you share them with others and this can improve your mood and reduce anxiety. 

3. Physical Health: Physical activity, even in small amounts improves your cardiovascular health, mobility, strength, and flexibility. Having a break from your normal routine also reduces stress and helps you to relax. Being more socially active can also help you to sleep better which supports a healthy immune system. 

4. Mental Stimulation: Getting involved in mentally stimulating activities like craft workshops and even Bingo enhances your cognitive function and reduces the risk of cognitive decline. Engaging in social interactions stimulates various regions of the brain. Conversations, discussions, and social activities require cognitive processes such as attention, memory, and problem-solving, which help keep the brain active and engaged.

5. Encouraging Independence: Activities can provide you with opportunities and choices and this helps you maintain your independence and autonomy. Social activities often involve participation in community events and gatherings. Active involvement in the community gives you a sense of belonging and encourages you to contribute to society, promoting a feeling of independence and self-worth.

What activities are available for older people in Cumbria? 

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Events in Cumbria 

We provide access to a wide variety of events through our family of Facebook groups. Local events and activities in Cumbria are posted in our Facebook groups which we then add to our Eden Valley Events Calendar

Our companions can assist people to view these events and suggest activities they may enjoy. They can support people to attend activities, local community events, theatre trips and even short breaks. They organise the trip, help you get ready for a great day out and provide help with personal care, mobility and healthcare needs.