Communication Needs

Meeting Your Communication Needs 

We are committed to providing you with accessible and user-friendly communication and contact options. It is our responsibility to ensure that you can easily reach out to us and that our staff members use these methods to communicate with you. Examples of accessible communication and contact methods include email, text messages, telephone, and text relay services.

We understand that different individuals have unique needs, and we strive to provide information in formats that are appropriate for you. This includes correspondence, advice, and any other relevant information.

We maintain detailed records regarding your accessibility preferences. Our systems are designed to prevent sending correspondence to you in a standard format if it does not align with your recorded needs and preferences.

We understand the importance of effective communication in accessing and receiving the best possible healthcare or adult social care. Therefore, when necessary, we are committed to arranging or providing appropriate professional communication support to ensure that you can effectively engage with our services.

Our aim is to facilitate accurate and meaningful dialogue between you and our healthcare professionals. By providing the necessary communication support, we want to empower you to actively participate in decisions regarding your care. We believe that effective communication is crucial in ensuring that your needs and preferences are fully understood and taken into account throughout your healthcare journey.

Our Five Steps to Meeting Communication Needs

We find out if you have any communication or information needs because of a disability or sensory loss and if so what your needs are.

We record those needs in a clear way that everyone agrees with. This could be done on a computer or on paper.

We make sure that our staff know your needs and can easily see them in your records a person’s. This means something can be done straight away.

With your consent, we share information about your communication needs with relevant organisations to help you get the support you need. 

We make sure you are given information that you can access easily and understand. We help you to get support with communication if you need it. 

Who can I contact about my communication needs? 

You can contact our Care Manager, Colette Russell about any communication or information needs you may have. Here are the ways you can contact her:


Text: 07889 706 852 

Call: 07889 706 852