Adventure companions

Adventure Companions

A new bespoke companionship service helping you to attend activities, events & short breaks.

Fancy a ride out or a trip to a cafe for tea and cake? Not only is it enjoyable to get out, but it’s also great for your health! However, as we age, we can often find getting out more challenging. Research suggests that maintaining social connections can reduce loneliness and help you stay sharper in later life. Our new bespoke service helps older people and individuals with disabilities to participate in activities, local events, or even short breaks.

Leading the new service is Adele, a qualified & professional care expert with 15 years of experience working at Eden Country Care. 

What does the companionship service include? 

Collecting you from home and helping you get ready for a fantastic day out. Driving and accompanying you to attend any activities you’d like to join in with. 

Organising the trip and handling all the necessary arrangements, including booking reservations for events etc. 

Assisting with smartphones or tablets to stay connected with family or access relevant information about activities. 

Group Outings can also be arranged to enable people to socialise and share experiences and interests.

A complimentary photo book to capture special moments is provided for you as a personal keepsake, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Tailored activities depending on your interests and preferences.

Health or care needs: our companions are here to provide comprehensive support across all aspects of your well-being.

What kind of activities are available?

We know that everyone is different, that’s why our bespoke service is tailored to your specific interests but here are some examples:

Short breaks, long breaks, city breaks, walking holidays, cruising, bucket-list holidays and glamping. 

Art & Culture
Exhibitions, museums, concerts, theatres, workshops, art talks and art fairs.

Day Trips
Shopping, garden centres, cafes, cinemas, markets, spa days and pubs.

Walking, fishing, birdwatching, boat trips, wildlife tours and golfing.

Village fairs, remote cinemas, book clubs, history groups, volunteering, farmers markets, local music performances.

Keeping Fit
Yoga, aerobics, swimming, dance, tennis and martial arts

When is the service available?

The service is available now across Cumbria. Simply call Adele (07802 715225). She’ll ask you what types of activities you're interested in and help you find something local or further afield that you can enjoy. The service is very flexible so you can book a daily, weekly or one-off outing or even a short break


What if I need support with personal care or medication when I’m out?

Our companions are qualified health and social care professionals who can support people with personal care, medication, moving & handling and health care tasks.

Do I need to be an Eden Country Care client?

You don’t need to be one of our clients to enjoy this service. If someone needs support to join in with local activities, either due to a physical or mental health condition, then our companions are here to help. 

Do I need my own transport?

You don’t need your own transport as we provide it. We can support you with moving & handling to assist you into the car. If you have an adapted vehicle then we can support you either as a driver (with insurance) or as a passenger. A risk assessment will be carried out beforehand so that together we can decide the safest way to help. 

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the length of the trip and the travelling involved. You can contact us for a free consultation and a quote before booking your trip with our companions. The cost of the companion travelling to and from your home is included, along with any booking arrangements, care support and a bespoke memory photo book. 


Who do I contact?

Contact: Adele Hogarth 

Phone: 07802 715225