Good Care Month

What is Good Care Month?

The Good Care Campaign is about celebrating the great work that our social care staff do on a daily basis by sharing it via social media. It’s our chance to engage and inspire the public to consider social care as a great career choice and recruit more people to work in the sector. 

In recent times, more people have come to recognise the indispensable role of the care sector in our society, as the dedication of care workers during the pandemic prevented a much higher number of heartbreaking losses.

While our current workforce  is doing an exceptional job, they need assistance. With the UK's population aging and more people facing complex issues, we need more people to work in home care. Throughout July our aim is to elevate the care sector's profile. Through various promotional activities, we want to attract more people to join social care. 

We want to showcase the incredible work our staff performs daily. This not only boosts the morale of our current employees but also provides the public with insights into what it's like to work in such settings, helping them make informed decisions about pursuing a career in care.

Why is Good Care Month Important?

The significance of Good Care Month lies in the fact that care workers form the backbone of crucial health services across the country. A shortage of skilled care workers could leave vulnerable people without the proper support they need and affect their quality of life.

Not many people are aware of the numerous roles available within the care sector. Good Care Month gives us the opportunity to promote the fantastic opportunities we have. 

What type of roles are available in social care?

Carers- people who support others either in residential care or at home with a variety of daily living tasks including, personal care, companionship, medication and meal preparation.

Senior Carers - experienced carers who provide the same support as carers but with additional responsibilities to provide guidance and support to colleagues.

Care Coordinators/team leaders - they organise how care is to be delivered and coordinate with other health professionals ensuring that people receive the right level of health and social care they need.

Trainers - they provide initial training so that people are competent in their role but also continue to provide training to all staff throughout the year. We support people with their career development offering free training and qualifications while you work

Care Managers - are responsible for all the people we care for and for the management of all employees within the team. They have normally worked in various social care roles and acquired the necessary qualifications before undertaking this role.

Admin Roles - various admin roles are available processing client and carer information

Financial Roles - Overseeing payroll and monitoring financial viability is an important role within the sector 

How do I find out more?

If you want to discuss our home care career opportunities please call or email our Registered Manager, Colette Russell who will be able to discuss the various options and qualifications we offer. You can also apply online for our home care careers

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