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Do I need qualifications to become a home carer?

You don't need qualifications when you join us as we provide a two-week induction programme which covers a wide range of topics including dementia care, safeguarding adults, basic life support, medication and moving & handling. We also work in partnership with Kendal College so that we can offer free Health & Social Care Diplomas to all our staff. 

What training will I receive before I start supporting people?

You will receive an induction programme which includes the Care Certificate (see above) and once you have completed this classroom training another carer will support you for at least two weeks as you get to know our clients and their care routines. 

Do you provide your own training? 

Yes, our training manager, Judy will welcome you into our company and your new home care role.  After your initial induction training, you will venture out into the community, but Judy will continue to support you and contact you when refresher training is required. Judy will also discuss your career pathway and help you decide what further training would be suitable. 

What training courses are available once I have completed my induction period? 

When you work as home carer, refresher training is given throughout your employment. This is because care practices are improving all the time and we need to ensure we are up to date with them. As we work in partnership with Kendal College you will also have access to Health & Social Care Diplomas. 

I wasn't very academic at school; will I be able to complete the training? 

Everyone is different. Not everyone wants promotion, not everyone wants to climb the Diploma ladder or carry out an array of training courses, but some people are very eager to access what is available.

Whatever path you want to follow in Eden Country Care, our trainer will help you get there. You can design your own development pathway, a pathway that will suit you.

Every home carer in Eden Country Care will be given the opportunity to develop. If you have the right attitude and values and want progress, we can help you get there.

How do I apply?

Apply Online

Or call our recruitment team on 07873 251664