Safeguarding Homes for our Cherished Older Generation

At Eden Country Care we are committed to safeguarding the well-being and security of the older people we serve. While property fraud is fortunately rare, there are individuals that seek to deceive and unlawfully exploit unsuspecting homeowners, often by assuming their identities and fraudulently selling or mortgaging their properties without their consent. 

These scammers typically targets homes where owners are less likely to notice that fraudulent documents have been filed at the Land Registry, such as: 

  • Mortgage-free homes 
  • Empty homes
  • Homes not registered on the Land Registry (normally where the property is mortgage-free and has not changed hands since 1998)
  • Homes where the owner lives elsewhere, e.g. buy-to-lets

The Land Registry is encouraging people to set up a property alert in order to warn them if someone attempts to alter key details of their property online. Since September 2009 HM Land Registry have successfully prevented a 400 fraudulent applications from being registered. 

To protect yourself or others against the risk of property fraud, you should consider the following:

  • Register your property on the Land Registry if not already registered

  • Sign up for the free Land Registry Property Alert service. You can get alerts for up to 10 properties, meaning you can help protect vulnerable family or friends as well as yourself.
  • Put a restriction on your title: this will stop the Land Registry from registering any sale or mortgage on your property unless a conveyancer or solicitor certifies that the application was made by you. 

This simple process can help you or someone you know from being the victim of property fraud. Tell your friends, family, neighbours, and clients.

How Property Alert Works for You

Once you become a member, the service will promptly notify you via email about any activities involving your property that might raise suspicion, such as applications for register changes. This proactive approach ensures that you can take swift action if necessary, helping you to protect your home and loved ones. Additionally, they send updates every six months to confirm no applications have been made during that period.

Caring for More Than Just Your Home

Your concern for the well-being of your family and friends extends beyond your own property. With Property Alert, you can monitor up to 10 properties, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on the homes of your loved ones. 

Our Top Tips for Setting up Your Property Alert Account

Check your spam folder: After creating your account, please keep an eye on your inbox or spam/junk folder for an HM Land Registry email. This email will allow you to verify your details and activate your account.

Sign in: Once you activate your account via the email, return to the HM Land Registry home page to sign in. If you're redirected to the sign-in page and receive a message stating that your email address is already in use, don't worry. By using the link on the home page and selecting 'Already registered' followed by 'Sign in to your account,' you'll gain access seamlessly.

Find your address quickly: Use their address search facility to locate your property swiftly. Simply enter the house number and postcode, and they’ll retrieve the relevant details. No need to provide the complete address. 

Ensure your property is registered: If your property is unregistered, you won't be able to use the service. It's important to note that unregistered properties face a higher risk of fraud. We recommend lodging a first registration application to ensure its registration.

It may take time: Due to the surge in demand, there may be a slight delay in registering your Property Alert account. 

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