Private Carer making a meal

In-Home Help at Mealtimes for Elderly and Disabled People in Cumbria

Many of us enjoy our food and have our own preferences about what we eat, how the food is presented, and where we buy our groceries.  People may also have specific dietary requirements related to their health or their own personal lifestyle and cultural choices.

We like to accommodate everyone’s preferences so when it comes to mealtimes our care managers will always discuss your preferences during your in-home care assessment and then again in subsequent reviews of your care.

Helping you prepare meals

Our in-home carers can help you prepare a meal by assisting with chopping vegetables, using the cooker or oven, carrying heavier items, getting the table set and helping to clean up afterwards. They can help with planning for and assisting with shopping, putting groceries away, and keeping an eye on sell-by dates.

Preparing a meal for you

If you’re unable to prepare meals yourself, carers can prepare meals for you. You might like a meal cooked from fresh or you might have meals prepared that just need heating up. Carers can help you get to the table or provide the meal on a lap tray or wheeler. They will provide you with everything you need such as cutlery and a drink.

Special dietary requirements

Everyone’s preferences are catered for including people with special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans or people who eat a Halal diet. Special consideration is often needed regarding where food is grown and sourced to ensure it meets these dietary requirements.

People with Diabetes often require a specific diet and our managers can discuss this with you during your care assessment. They’ll take note of any foods you must avoid or foods you need close at hand in case of a diabetic hypo.

Food allergies

Food allergies and intolerances can include dairy, fish and shellfish, nuts, and gluten. Our in-home care assessment will detail any allergies you might have so that our carers know your allergies and the types of food you prefer.

Eating out and Takeaways

If you’re used to eating out once a week or having a family takeaway, then our team can support you to continue this enjoyable treat. Carers can help you to meet friends and family or join you for a meal. They can also collect takeaways such as fish and chips and bring them to your home.

How long do home carers need to make a meal?

Preparing a home-cooked evening meal from scratch would normally need around an hour but this depends on how long items take to cook and how long it takes to prepare vegetables etc. Heating up pre-prepared meals or preparing something simple like soup and a sandwich normally takes around 30 minutes.  

How do I organise support with mealtimes?

To arrange for care visits, call our care manager, Colette Russell, and she will organise an in-home care assessment to discuss your preferences.

Call 07899 706 852 or email