In-Home Care Cumbria: Household Tasks

In-home care cleaning products

Our in-home care professionals can support you with light cleaning tasks around the house as part of your care visit. Before your care visits start our care managers will ask you what kind of help you require so that this can be incorporated into your Care Plan. 

These are the type of household tasks we can help with:


  • Changing and washing bedding, putting sheets out to dry
  • Putting clothes in the washing machine and hanging them to dry
  • Folding items and putting them away
  • Hanging items on the washing line and bringing them in 


  • Washing up and filling/emptying the dishwasher
  • Wiping down the sides
  • Tidying up and putting things away
  • Mopping or sweeping up any spillages
  • Checking the fridge for out-of-date food
  • Putting weekly bins out & recycling 
  • Cleaning the inside of the microwave 

Living Room

  • Tidying up the area we’ve been working in and putting equipment away
  • Wiping down side tables 
  • Emptying bins 


  • Cleaning shower or bath after supporting you with personal care
  • Cleaning toilet and sink after use in the morning
  • Tidying and hanging items like towels to dry


  • Making and changing the bed 
  • General tidying/hanging up clothes etc 


  • Carers will assist with general routines around the house such as turning lights off, drawing curtains, picking up the post
  • Support with feeding pets, letting them outside, walking dogs
  • Dusting