Alston Team Page

Welcome to Alston’s In-Home Elderly Care Team 

Alston is England’s highest market town and one of the oldest inhabited places in England. It’s situated on the crossroads of five historic trans-Pennine routes in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Over the years its cobbled streets and 17th century buildings have been used as the backdrop to many TV series and films such as “Jane Eyre” and “Oliver”.

We first began providing private home care in Alston 12 years ago and have always employed carers that live locally. Due to the town’s isolation, scattered population, and extreme winter weather conditions, it can sometimes pose challenges for people traveling around the area. Our Alston care team take this all in their stride. 

Private Care Agency Supervisor The team has been led by Michelle since 2013 and she lives in nearby Nenthead. Michelle is the Senior Carer in the team and is always on hand if clients or carers need her help. She also worked in the office for many years where she gained valuable experience supporting families and clients.

She says “When the snow gets too deep for our cars, we know we just have to get out and walk. I care for all the clients in Nenthead and the carers in Alston cover people living in the town. It’s a very tight-knit community and we work closely with other residents to ensure all our clients receive the best care whatever the weather”.


Assisted Living Supervisor Leanne joined the team in 2021 and was recently voted carer of the month by her clients and colleagues for “always being so kind and helpful”. She has a friendly, caring, and positive approach to all her clients and is always focused on their needs and requests. She says, "I love my job and I like working in a small team as I visit the same clients every day and know exactly what they need".

Leanne is from Garrigill and has care experience going back to her first care job in 1996 and gained a health and social care diploma along the way. She’s always on hand if any of our clients need support and loves helping older and disabled people in her own community. 

Care Agency Senior Carer Susan also joined the team in 2021 and loves outdoor activities like walking her dog and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the area. She knows all the clients in Alston very well and therefore likes to find out what each person's individual preferences and needs are.


She says, “I live in the centre of Alston, so I don’t live far from our clients. I love getting to know them and learning about their interesting lives and their stories from the past. Each person we care for is unique and has their own personal preferences so it's important to build a good relationship with everyone. It's a pleasure to help people stay living in their own homes". 


Assisted Living Supervisor Vicki from nearby Brampton recently joined the team and already has 5 years of experience in caring for elderly and disabled people. She loves the outdoors and enjoys walking her dogs in the local area especially when the weather is fine. She helps the team out when extra care visits are needed or if other home carers are on annual leave. 

She’s settled in quickly and knows all the clients and their preferences, she says “I like to help others in any way possible and I think you have to really listen to people and understand as much as you can about how they feel”. Vicki also loves TV soaps and keeps all her clients up to date with the latest goings on. She enjoys getting to know the clients and chatting away with them throughout their care visits. 


Community Services in Alston 

Alston has its own general medical practice, Alston Medical Practice and other services such as podiatrists and hospitals can be found in nearby Brampton or Penrith

We keep connected to the people of Alston through the town’s social media group, Alston Cumbria, co-managed by Eden Country Care, it helps us keep an eye on the pulse of the community. It’s where residents find support and share local events like Coffee Mornings or theatre productions often held at the town hall. 

Many of the residents of Alston are happy to recommend our team and we are grateful for all the kind comments we often receive such as, “Anyone that has seen the Alston team caring for the elderly in our community will know they go above and beyond. Michelle’s dedication to care has helped keep Jimmy at home for nearly nine years”. Jacky Hewison, Alston.

How do I organise home care for a loved one in Alston?

Simply call our Care Manager Colette Russell and she will arrange for a meeting to discuss your care requirements. 

07903 111322 or email: