Carer Breaks and Respite Care in Cumbria

What is respite care?

If you care for a loved one or relative, you may also need to take care of yourself and have a break from your caring role. Respite care gives you the opportunity to take a break either on a short term basis or for a longer period.

Getting an assessment for respite care in Cumbria

Cumbria County Council will only fund respite care for people that they have assessed as needing it. You need to request a carers assessment and a needs assessment for the person you care for. 

What are the different types of respite care?

We provide in-home respite care and can stay with your relative for a few hours or a few days depending on the amount required. Often people have a weekly break for a few hours so that they can catch up with errands and meet friends and family. Other types of respite care include:

  • Home care services 
  • Day care centres
  • A short stay in a care home
  • Getting help from family and friends
  • Respite holidays

Arranging In-home respite care in Cumbria

Contact Cumbria County Council and ask for a carers assessment and a needs assessment for the person you care for if you want financial support from the council

  • If you want to pay for your own care then you can contact us directly:

 Call us on 07899 706 852 or email 

  • A care manager will come and meet you and the person you care for at home to undertake a care assessment and confirm all the arrangements 

What are respite holidays?

Respite holidays allow you and the person you care for to take a break from your normal routine. There are a number of organisations that offer holiday breaks specifically for carers and people with illnesses or disabilities:

  • Mind for You offers holidays in the UK for people with dementia and their carer or relative
  • Charities such as Revitalise offer subsidised holidays for disabled people and their carers

Unpaid carer support groups in Cumbria 

You can find local carer support charities near you on the following websites:

Carer Support Cumbria