CQC Quality Statements: Learning Culture

Did you know that the new CQC Quality Statements provide practical guidance and connect you with essential resources?

In this article, we examine the Learning Culture Statement and provide information about the best practice guidance that CQC recommend. We also have links to other resources about organisational learning. 

Learning Culture Quality Statement

Providers, commissioners, and system leaders are expected to embrace the principles outlined in this statement:

"We cultivate a proactive and positive safety culture characterised by openness and honesty. In this environment, safety concerns are actively acknowledged, safety events are thoroughly investigated and reported, and valuable lessons are consistently gathered to identify and integrate best practices."

You should be able to demonstrate that your service has: 

  • A commitment to safety that extends to everyone involved, including staff and people using your care service

  • A culture that emphasises safety and continuous learning, rooted in transparency

  • An understanding of insights derived from events that pose risks to both individuals and staff members

Care providers should ensure that: 

  • Risks are not dismissed, instead, they are seen as opportunities to rectify, learn, and improve practices

  • Both staff and service users are not only encouraged but also supported in voicing concerns, fostering confidence that they will be treated with compassion and understanding, free from blame or negative repercussions

  • Incidents and complaints undergo thorough investigation and reporting

  • The subsequent learning from safety incidents or complaints leads to changes that contribute to the ongoing improvement of care for all individuals involved

How can you demonstrate compliance with this statement? 

CQC recommends the Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) programme in their best practice links associated with the Learning Culture quality statement.

The LFPSE is a new national NHS service dedicated to recording and analysing patient safety events in healthcare. The programme aims to enhance the learning process from the 2.5 million patient safety events occurring annually, contributing to safer care.

Care providers can sign up for this program, allowing you to systematically record your patient safety events. By participating, you'll gain access to valuable data on patient safety, which is instrumental in making informed decisions about potential improvements that can be implemented to enhance overall patient care.

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