Eden Country Care is a private care agency in Cumbria, committed to delivering high-quality and compassionate care to individuals living with dementia. We recognise the challenges faced by those affected by dementia and provide person-centred, respectful, and supportive care. This policy outlines our approach to dementia care in Cumbria, aligning with the NICE Quality Standards for Dementia Care. We aim to enhance the lives of our clients and support their families by fostering understanding, promoting independence, and ensuring a safe and enriching environment.

Guiding Principles

Alignment with NICE Quality Standards

This policy has been developed in line with the NICE Quality Standards for Dementia Care to provide superior domiciliary care for people with dementia. We recognize the significance of dementia as the population ages, and we are dedicated to addressing the challenges associated with this condition.

Understanding Dementia Care in Cumbria 

Dementia refers to a collection of symptoms characterised by a progressive loss of cognitive abilities, affecting reasoning, communication, and routine activities associated with daily living. It is prevalent among older adults, with one in six people over the age of 80 having a form of dementia.

Common Core Principles

Eden Country Care adheres to the Department of Health & Social Care's common core principles when providing support to people in their own homes. These principles include recognising early signs of dementia, promoting early diagnosis, communicating sensitively, encouraging independence and activity, addressing signs of distress, valuing and supporting family members and carers, ensuring staff training, and collaborating as part of a multi-agency team to support individuals with dementia.

Policy Implementation

Care Staff Roles & Responsibilities

Our staff are expected to deliver care following the individual's person-centered care plan, ensuring privacy, dignity, and respect. They will promptly report any changes in the client's condition, work in partnership with the client's friends, family, and stakeholders, observe cultural and religious preferences, attend to physical and emotional needs, and provide support to both relatives and staff who have a close relationship with the individual.

Management Roles and Responsibilities

The senior management team will support new staff, monitor continuity of care for clients with dementia, motivate staff, promote a flexible workforce, support workers dealing with challenging behaviours, enhance quality of life through activity-based support, assist staff in delivering end-of-life care, promote workforce integration, and adapt homes using assistive technology where appropriate.

Staff Training

All staff will receive dementia training and are encouraged to undertake the long-distance learning course on Dementia Care. Our in-house trainer and deputy manager possess the facilitator's qualification to train staff in Best Practice in Dementia Care developed by the University of Sterling. Qualified individuals in dementia care will conduct care plans and assessments.

At Eden Country Care, we are committed to delivering exceptional dementia care that upholds the dignity, independence, and well-being of our clients. Through rigorous adherence to these principles, continuous training, and collaboration, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with dementia and their families.