Care Begins at Home

The purpose of our group is to provide a forum for all individuals, families, organisations and anyone involved in the care of others to support each other, learn from each other and share our knowledge.  

The group is a resource for all carers either professional or un-paid and a sharing platform open to any individual or company involved in providing care or assistance to people who are older or people who have disabilities. The group will enable carers, care providers, health organisations, professional and un-paid carers to share experiences, best practices and ideas that may improve the wellbeing of those receiving care and provide support and encouragment to anyone caring for others.

All about Care

The group is a place for you to share any concerns about care, ask for advice about a care issue or seek support and encouragment from others. Frontline carers can share practical knowledge on any of the issues that may arise, i,e, continence care, mobility, falls, dementia etc.  Experts can share the latest technolgies, research and information about care topics. 

Post questions about any care topic that you would like help or suggestions with.  Make posts about the good experiences you have had and what worked well for you.  Post information in the group that you think would be helpful such as articles & blogs regarding nutrition, dementia, mobility, health tips, technology, falls, equipment etc.

As well as sharing here what is in the scope, we also share details about what is not in the scope of the group.  As a group member you have agreed to stay within the scope.

The group is not for discussion or debate around politics and health & social care.  The group should not be used to criticise people, organisations, government and councils.  It is not for advertising or recruitment services.  Comments should all relate to care topics.