Eden Country Care have been providing home care for many years and have helped local people and their relatives like you through the home care decision making process many times before. When you decide to choose Eden Country Care as your home care provider we will offer you a home care service based on your own needs and wants (or those of your loved one) from a selection of dependable home care services.

Our Services

Eden Country Care home care services cover all the essential tasks of daily life, helping you manage independently in your own home.

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Home Care Calls

We provide care and support that enables people who want to remain living within the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home the ability to do so - because we know there is no place like home. We will help you or your loved ones stay there for as long as you wish or for as long as it is safe to do so.

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Companionship calls

Most of us will feel lonely at some points in our lives, but for a growing number of people, particularly those in later life, loneliness can have a significant impact on their wellbeing. We can help you arrange for a carer to visit simply to offer social support, or we can arrange for carers to "pop in” just to make sure everything is ok once or twice a week. Our carers can also accompany clients on days out as well as to appointments such as doctors, hospitals, dentist appointments e.t.c. We even have carers with pat dogs for those animal lovers who love four legged visitors.

Respite Sit-in Calls

Sometimes people may choose to remain living at home, even when they require care and support for longer periods of time. Many people are cared for by a family member, partner, a daughter, son, grandchild or a friend. Being a carer for someone who requires a lot of someone’s time can be a demanding role and care givers must make sure that they also taking care of themselves so that they are physically and emotionally able to support their loved one. Respite sit in calls enable care givers to have some ‘me time’ and spend some time focusing on their own needs, to leave their care role for a few hours and recharge their batteries.

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Personal Care

People who are new to home care often find the idea of recieving personal care provided by a home carer very daunting. However, for our carers personal care is an important part of their care role and in fact one of the most rewarding parts of their role.

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Bowel, stoma care

Whenever we are joined by a client with bowel, stoma or specialist catheter requirements we work very closely with local health care professionals( including our NHS continence nursing team) to train our carers and enable them to provide continence care specific to you, whether that be for catheter, bowel or stoma care.

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Dementia Care

Throughout all of our areas we enable people living with dementia to remain living within the familiar surroundings of their own home, rather than resort to residential care that would take an individual away from the life they have known for many years. Familiarity is even more important when our clients, their family members and loved ones are faced with the inevitable challenges that living with early-stage, mid-stage, or later-stage dementia and memory loss can bring.

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End of Life Care

More and more people choose to spend their final weeks and days at home with the help and understanding of home carers who can provide reassurance and assistance for clients, care givers and their loved ones especially during this difficult time of life.

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Neurological care

Eden Country Care provide home care for people living with a range of neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease or Multiple Sclerosis and also acquired brain injuries through stroke, accident or illness. We work in partnership with our local healthcare professionals so that you or your loved one can remain living independently at home with the right level of support for your individual needs and wishes.

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Using Equipment

We can use specialist equipment such as floor standing or ceiling track hoists, stand aids, turn tables, profiling beds and hoists etc to assist you in your home or from your bed. Eden Country Care have excellent working relationships with occupational therapy teams (OTs) throughout all of our areas to ensure care teams are responsive to your needs.  

Assistance with Shopping Trips

Your carers can assist you with shopping trips or can go out to get shopping for you.

Assistance with Meal Times

  • Your carers can help you to prepare meals and can advise you on nutritional needs if required.
  • Your carers can help with feeding and monitoring food and fluid intake if required.
  • Your carers can prepare meals for you at the visit or prepare meals for you to warm up later on.
  • Your carers also go the extra mile and often get fish and chips for service users and other treats!
  • Your carers can also accompany you to a favourite cafe or restaurant for a meal.


Care workers can help you or your loved one with medication. Your home carers can remind you to take your medication and can take your tablets out of a blister pack for you. If you need more assistance this can also be arranged. Medication and the level of assistance required will always be discussed at the care planning stage.

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Household Tasks

Your home carers are able to carry out light household tasks for you or your loved one. In their day to day roles carers often light fires, load washing machines, hang washing out, vacuum, polish, clean bathroom and kitchen areas, clean down kitchen surfaces and any tasks laid out in your care plan. Perhaps some of you reading this may have a dog that requires a short walk or bird feeders you like filling. If you require assistance with any of your household tasks you will be able to discuss these with our friendly care manager when you meet to discuss your requirements.

How do I find out more?

To arrange for care visits for yourself or a family member just contact us at enquiries@edencountrycare.co.uk

Fully regulated & approved by CQC

Inspected and rated

CQC Rated Good
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What CQC said about our services

"Staff knew the needs of the people they supported very well. Individual care and support records reflected the care provided. People told us they received good quality care from staff who were described as "marvellous", "very, very caring" and "excellent".

"People had been involved with the decisions about their care and what should be included in their care plans. Their care plans also showed that people had access to other health and social care services."

"People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible. The policies and systems in the service generally supported this practice. Information around "Best Interests" and the decision-making process was not clear. We have made a recommendation about this."