Personal Care

Eden Country Care Ltd believe in providing a high quality and reliable service no matter how rural the location. We have teams of carers who work in Appleby, Shap, Penrith and Keswick and many rural hamlets in the surrounding Cumbrian countryside.

Our carers all undertake extensive training before meeting our service users and continue to be trained throughout their employment with Eden Country Care Ltd. Service users who are new to home care often find the idea of recieving personal care very daunting and this is why we train our staff specifically on issues of dignity, respect, autonomy and confidentiality. This training is ongoing for all our carers and includes an extensive appraisal system.

How Can we Help You?

Before your care starts Heather will meet you at your home so that you can discuss with her your personal preferences and the exact details of the assistance that you may require. You can choose the time you would like a visit from us and you can choose the carer you would like. We have male and female carers of all ages and backgrounds. Our youngest carer is 20 and our oldest is 71! After each care visit our carers will ensure everything you need is on hand.

Personal Care

Carers can assist you with your personal care routine. You can explain to us what your routine is and we will pass this on to the carer that visits you. Carers can assist you out of bed and help you to have a wash and get dressed. Carers can also assist you with bathing/showering and washing and help you with toileting. They can use specialist equipment such as hoists to assist you from your bed into a chair etc Carers can help you manage any incontinence problems you may have and can help you to use personal care products such as apply cream to moisturise your legs or feet if this has become to difficult for you to manage. Carers also help with applying products such as nail varnish or hairspray if required. These small things can be just as important in maintaining someones feeling of well being.

Assistance with Meal Times

Carers can help you to prepare meals and can advise you on nutritional needs if required. They can assist you with shopping trips or can get shopping for you. Carers can help with feeding and monitoring food and fluid intake if required. Carers can prepare meals for you at the visit or prepare meals for you to warm up later on. Our carers also go the extra mile and often get fish and chips for service users and other treats! Carers can also accompany you to a favourite cafe or restaurant for a meal.


Care workers can help you with your medication. Carers can remind you to take your medication and can take your tablets out of a blister pack for you. If you need more assistance this can also be arranged. If you are concerned about someone who you think may need assistance with their medication we can set up arrangements to enable our carers to assist with medication and record details of all medication taken or refused. This can be a key factor in enabling someone to continue living independently and safely whilst maintaining their health.

Household Tasks

Carers can clean, prepare and light fire and will ensure that your individual preferences for this task are carried out. Carers can assist you with laundry such as changing your bedding in the way you like to have it done and at a time you prefer. They can also load washing machines, hang washing out or take washing to the launderette if necessary.

Other Services

We also provide sit in care services, specialist dementia support and companionship services, please see the Domiciliary Care menu above for further details.

How do I find out more?

To arrange for care visits for yourself or a family member just contact our Care Manager, Heather Tarney by phone: 01768 865594 or you can email at:

Eden Country Care Praised by Watchdog

Eden Country Care praised by CQC

Eden Country Care received an excellent report from the governments health watchdog - the Care Quality Commission after CQC inspectors visited their company last week.  Having talked with clients, carers, family members, staff and even commissioners of the service Eden Country Care passed all the CQC checks with flying colours, and this on top of a huge surge in growth over the last eighteen months. 

"We have all worked hard to achieve an incredible 80% growth" explained our Care Manager, Heather, our coverage has grown significantly to encompass an area including Alston in the East across to Keswick in the west, and from Carlisle in the north down to Tebay in the south plus everything in between"

Training is key to delivering good home care services, staff must know how to take into account people's individual choices and preferences and enable them to feel respected and well cared for in the comfort of their own home.  Carers need to demonstrate great skill, kindness and patience towards people who have increasingly complex health and social care needs. 

Eden Independent Living

Supporting independent life at home

Our range of support services give you help and to continue enjoying your independent life in Eden.