Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Eden Country Care

Diane Wharton (Care Supervisor)

Diane is an extremely popular and experienced member of staff. From a local farming family, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area and its local families, gets on really well with the older generation and is known for her bubbly and warm personality. She came to Eden Country Care Ltd with lots of caring experience behind her, including work in a local nursing home and several years as a home-carer. Diane can always be relied on in a crisis to keep a cool head and make a calm decision on the best action to take and she always puts her client's interests first. Diane completed her NVQ2 in 2005 and was promoted to Care Supervisor. She has continued to improve her knowledge of the care setting by attending performance managment courses and has recently been awarded her NVQ 3 in care.

Heather Tarney (Care Manager/Director)

Heather is Erica's daughter and set off in the family business as soon as she had successfully finished her degree. Heather has been a key figure in the setting up of the administrative and training side of the business and is now the Care Manager of the company. She has a level 4 NVQ in care managment and has completed the NVQ Assessors award.

Alison Nicholson (Care Worker)

Alison joined the team in 2005 after previously working withchildren. She soon became a well respected member of staff who gives 100% to the clients she cares for. She even helps one client to do their shopping on her day off! Her experience and dedication are immediately obvious in the improvement in the level of care she achieves within a few weeks of attending a new client. Alison can be completely relied on as she very rarely has a day off sick and can get out to work no matter what the weather as she drives a big four-wheel drive vehicle!

Sally Sobbart (Care Worker)

Sally joined us a few months ago after being made redundant from Woolworths in Keswick. She is a real "people" person and has demonstrated a natural ability in care work as well as proving completely reliable and hard-working. In just a few months she has made a real impression with the clients who now wonder how they ever managed without her. She has recently been awarded with the National Vocational Qualification in Health and Social Care.

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Eden Country Care Praised by Watchdog

Eden Country Care praised by CQC

Eden Country Care received an excellent report from the governments health watchdog - the Care Quality Commission after CQC inspectors visited their company last week.  Having talked with clients, carers, family members, staff and even commissioners of the service Eden Country Care passed all the CQC checks with flying colours, and this on top of a huge surge in growth over the last eighteen months. 

"We have all worked hard to achieve an incredible 80% growth" explained our Care Manager, Heather, our coverage has grown significantly to encompass an area including Alston in the East across to Keswick in the west, and from Carlisle in the north down to Tebay in the south plus everything in between"

Training is key to delivering good home care services, staff must know how to take into account people's individual choices and preferences and enable them to feel respected and well cared for in the comfort of their own home.  Carers need to demonstrate great skill, kindness and patience towards people who have increasingly complex health and social care needs.